“Me, Scared?” by Melynda Wilson

Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Me_Scared_by_Melynda_Wilson-01 Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Me_Scared_by_Melynda_Wilson-02 Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Me_Scared_by_Melynda_Wilson-03 Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Melynda_WilsonMindy, 2013.

Matt and Brian

Stockbridge 009Matt & Brian, 2012.

Matt shoots Brian in the neck in front of the McPherson Square Library on Kensington Avenue. It’s Sunday morning around 10am.


131031- 003Jose, 2013.


Jeffrey_Stockbridge_JenniveJennive, 2012.



131029- 012Untitled Boys, 2013.

Memorial for Nicole

131031- 006

Memorial for Nicole Piacentini, victim of the ‘Kensington Strangler’, corner of Jasper and Cumberland Street, 2013.

During the winter of 2010, three women were found raped and strangled to death in Kensington, Philadelphia. The local media dubbed the suspect the ‘Kensington Strangler.’ Within days, Antonio Rodriguez, 21, was taken into custody after someone phoned in a tip. In 2012, Rodriguez was convicted on all accounts and sentenced to 3 life terms in prison. Three years after her death, Nicole’s memorial remained in place.


131031- 002Valerie, The Last Stop Recovery House, 2013.


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