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Jessica, 2010.

Audio Transcription

Matt (pictured below): Under these streets, under these, under the train tracks, the shit that goes on in the woods, the shit that goes on while this train is driving by above our heads, the things that go on, on these streets at night when the lights go off, are the kind of things that, that, that people can only dream about, that people can only, it just amazes, it would amaze a normal person, it, it would, it would totally amaze a normal person. Me, myself, like I came down on the train and I got stuck and I been here for 10 years. 10 years I been down here.

Jessica: I’ve been here 2 weeks and it’s been a lifetime. I’ve been here 2 weeks and it’s been a lifetime.

Matt: Living on the streets. Living on the streets for 2 years.

Jessica: I mean you can only make it if you have someone that cares. I only found one so far that hasn’t rolled on me.  His name’s …

Matt: The things that go on, on these streets need to be documented. Something.

Jessica: So people might learn.

Matt: Something needs, something needs to be done about the population of the homeless people under this avenue.

Jessica: And the lost people on drugs.

Matt: From here up and down Kensington Avenue all the way from, from, from Frankford to Lehigh, the square, the Badlands they call it. It is packed solid with, with Heroin, Cocaine addicts and, and it’s just…

Passerbys: Are you doing a documentary? Are you doing a documentary?  I want the documentary to be, to be the land of the zombies. That’s how I look at it. When you come down, that’s exactly how you look at it.

It’s all about the cockroaches.

Yeah it’s like a whole bunch of cockroaches.

I look at it like it’s the land of the zombies. People who are, who are you know…

Jessica: I never, I never thought this would ever happen. You never think it’s gonna happen to you until you come down and, and actually see it for yourself. And then you’re beaten and raped and dumped off in other neighborhoods and then… It just takes a piece of you.

Matt: Tie marks, tie marks down your neck.

Jessica: I done this in 2 weeks.

Matt: Look, look at her arm. She’s got, she’s got medical insurance. She could walk right into Episcopal Hospital right now. She could. If you wanted to you could walk right into Episcopal Hospital right now and go to Detox, right now.

Jessica: I’ve gone and talked to them, but the coke calls me, it just calls my, it just calls me. I gotta, gotta, I gotta erase the pain.

Matt: She has ID and she has Medical Insurance.

Jessica: It’s all mental.

Matt: Slowly together me and her are going to get ourselves off of drugs. We’re gonna get us a place.

Jessica: We gotta get off the Ave though.

Matt: We’re gonna get some Suboxones. We’re gonna get us something, something nice…

Matt & Jessica

Matt & Jessica under the tracks, 2010.


Susan, 2009.

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