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Tom, 2012.


Audio Transcript:

Alright, Hi, my name’s Tom. I uh, I uh, spent a lot of time down Kensington using drugs off and on and um… Since last time I saw this guy- he interviewed me and my buddy when we were really into doing drugs but uh lately I’ve been um, I’ve been trying to keep myself together, I’ve been messing up, I’m on probation and all and I uh, I’ve been, I’ve been doing alright getting some clean time with Suboxones but I uh, I have been re-lapsing here and there, using uh, all different drugs but um, uh, I don’t know, things, things get good for a month and then you know you have some time on your hand, you get a couple bucks and you come down here and you get high, its like you just can’t seem to get ahold of it. Um, then when you get high you instantly regret it. You feel stupid for doing it, you wish you didn’t do it, but then soon as you as you get clean again you forget how bad it is getting high so you go and get high and its just the same vicious cycle. But um, yeah I don’t know it’s, it’s, it sucks really and it’s no fun in it, the fun was gone a long time ago but for some reason I keep falling into it. Uh, I just had a job that only lasted a couple months till I lost it because I would go to work sick, soon as I would get a couple bucks I would leave right away to go get high and my boss wasn’t happy about that so he had to let me go, now I’m trying to find another job and it ain’t working, I don’t know, um, yeah I just, I just can’t seem to get a grip on staying clean. Every time I try, I just mess up but yeah, hopefully, hopefully soon, I can end up getting ahold of it and then when I’m clean remembering that when I get high, instantly I regret it, so I’ll be able to keep myself clean.

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Jeffrey_Stockbridge_FloFlo, 2009.


Audio Transcript

JS: You were telling Tina about this just a min ago. About how uh, you were chasing down girls to get money for drug dealers?

Flo: Yeah.

JS: Tell me a little about that real quick.

Flo: The dealer would ask me to go either get the money, if they ain’t got the money then they would have to get their ass kicked, they had to pay either way.

JS: So the dealers are giving out dope to girls without money?

Flo: They would front them cause they were sick. And they were supposed to pay them back. But then they would like hide from the dealer, you know what I mean, and that pisses them off so they want their ass kicked. I would go hunt them down and either get the money or kick their ass.

Flo: All these bitches are slimy, that’s why I don’t hesitate to kick their ass. Because I know what they’re about. You know what I mean.

Flo: I help them out. When they’re dopesick I help them out. You know what I mean. When you say you’re gonna do a date and you’re gonna pay me back, pay me back. Don’t cop something- your gonna cop drugs right in front of me and then act like I’m invisible that’s bullshit. And like there dates that I get out here, the old guys, they’ll (other girls) get the money and jump outta the car and scream ‘Somebody Help Me, Somebody Help Me’ and this way the guy will get scared and he won’t like, yeah so I mean, it’s wrong.


Jamie, 2010.

JS: I see that you are pregnant. How many months do you have?

Jamie: I’m 7 ½ half months.

JS: Do you know if it is a boy or a girl?

Jamie: It’s a boy.

JS: Why is it that you are out here on the street?

Jamie: Basically just to support my habit.

JS: You use Heroin?

Jamie: Heroin and Crack.

JS: How much Heroin and Crack do you use in a day?

Jamie: Anywhere from 6 to 13 bags a day, Heroin and um God knows how much Crack, you know as much as I can get basically.

JS: And you’ve been using for how long?

Jamie: Since I was eighteen. I’m twenty-eight.

JS: How did you get pregnant?

Jamie: By my baby’s father.

JS: Are you married?

Jamie: No, I’m not married. I have a daughter, she is 3, and now this one I’m carrying now.

JS: Does your baby’s father use?

Jamie: No, he’s clean… I just had three years clean. When I was um pregnant with my daughter I had, I had gotten clean. I was clean for 2 years and she was born on Methadone and she had no withdraw symptoms and I was on a Methadone program and then uh, I relapsed.

JS: Do you know what it was that caused you to relapse?

Jamie: Not really, uh well, I know that because I started taking some Xanax, I started taking some downers, I started taking pills and then that sorta caused me to relapse. You know, once I did that then I was like, I didn’t care about going to cop, you know and I don’t know, before then it was like you know I was not, not too proud, it was just like you know I didn’t want to and once I got high off the pills I was like fuck it, you know.

JS: Whats the best date you ever had? Whats the worst date you ever had?

Jamie: The best date is um, huh, you know getting someone that gives you loads of money and you don’t got to do nothing for it really. That’d be the best date. The worst date is um, you know I’ve been raped, and you know almost killed really. You know there’s all kinds of dates actually, scary and uncomfortable all types.

JS: And yet you’re still out here, do you feel like it makes you stronger?

Jamie: It has and it hasn’t, it has definitely made me stronger but I don’t want to be like this the rest of my life.

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