Tag: Journal Entry

Journal Entry by Mike, AKA Dense.

Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Journal_Entry_Mike_aka_DenseJournal Entry by Mike, AKA Dense, 2012.

Matt and Carissa

Matt_and_Carissa Matt_Carissa_Journal_HighResMatt and Carissa, 2011.

“Me, Scared?” by Melynda Wilson

Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Me_Scared_by_Melynda_Wilson-01 Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Me_Scared_by_Melynda_Wilson-02 Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Me_Scared_by_Melynda_Wilson-03 Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Melynda_WilsonMindy, 2013.

Mike Sweat

Picture 012Mike Sweat, 2011.

Mike_Sweat_JournalJournal Entry by Mike Sweat, 2011.

Journal Entry by Shannon

Jeffrey_Stockbridge_Journal_Entry_ShannonJournal Entry by Shannon, 2011.


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