City Hall

by Jeffrey Stockbridge

City HallCity Hall, 2011.

Audio Transcript

CITY HALL: Alright, my name’s City Hall, and I first came up in Kensington, 1990, that’s when I was going to Kensington High School, started hanging up in the neighborhood and stuff but I didn’t really get caught up in the drugs and all that, just being a bad kid and everything. But as the years went on, about 97, I started dealing and got caught up, y’know what I mean, on Tioga, with the wrong people and stuff all at a young age into the prostitution stuff, a lot of gangbanging. You get used to that type of stuff being around you so I was like hey what’s another way to get some quick money than being up here, but it was the wrong choice I made so I fell back a couple years later but, you know, now I’m back up here and um it seems though, it seems though it just got worser.  As me living here, they just see me nothing as selling drugs or doing something wrong. But other than that, like you know, it’s hard, it’s really really hard out here like some of us that’s all we got, you know, that’s all we know.  But everybody up here is not a bad person or struggling to do drugs but that’s what they look at us as, as selling drugs or just gangbanging but no, that’s where we at this is where we live in Kensington, and I’ve been here and I’m not going nowhere. And I go back to court in October for a case for locked up for my own prescription because I’m on the block and I live down the street it doesn’t make any sense.  You know it’s, it’s really hard for us, like I cry every morning when I wake up knowing I gotta come out here and be around this, but this is all we know.   And so if you, if you gonna get locked up when you ain’t going on something and so, what is you going to do now? Now I need a lawyer like I really was doing it, it was my prescription! I can’t have my prescription drug on me? Cause somebody else threw some pills out here? You mark me up with them and grab the wrong dude because the person who sold you the pill, I know who did it! And I’m caught up for it you know what I mean and nobody’s helping me with bail money and now they taking me straight to trial, so how should I feel? I feel hurt finding out yesterday I went to court last week I didn’t even get in nobody’s explaining my case and why am I hiring a lawyer to pay him $1500 to go to preliminary knowing I’m not even going to get in? Now they tellin’ me I’m going straight to trial some people say because your case is weak it’s your prescription I just don’t know, no I don’t know anybody could tell on you these people they buy drugs and then when they get sick they tell on you, what can you do? And it’s not a black and white thing up here none of that plays. It’s about money and who’s doing wrong like I jump in the car the other day and kept riding and kept telling him to stop you’re drawing heat up here, but he kept going.

They calling the cops down there, I’m about to get out of here, but I’m here with you. POPO!  Walk that way, bro.