by Jeffrey Stockbridge

01 001Al, 2011.

Al lives in a house off Kensington Avenue without electricity or running water. He sometimes rents his upstairs bedroom to prostitutes in need of a private location for engaging in sex and drug use.

Al: Usually I try to fall asleep when I can but it’s like running in and out of traffic.

People… have their own way of doing things they can’t — they don’t normally do at home.

They do it here, so their kids and wife don’t know what’s been going on…

Most of these people around here… Everybody’s getting busted and jacked. Place is gettin’ overcrowded, more than usual.

Been hearing a lot of stuff from the railroad lately. People are dying off left and right over there. And I sit back and say, ‘There’s another satisfied customer.’ Every time I here the siren.

JS: Must be crazy huh?

Al: Aw, its nuts. Watch you don’t get caught in the cross fire down here.

There been a lot of that lately. I see things here you wouldn’t believe. People gettin’ hurt real bad. Just be safe.